Heavy Duty Shelving Worcester, MA
Van Racking System,MA
If you are a service provider based in the Worcester, MA, having a Heavy-duty van shelving installed can be greatly beneficial.

Well-organized equipment can help you deliver your services in the quickest possible ways as you won’t be wasting minutes (or sometimes hours) finding the things that you need to do your job.


Commercial Van Shelving, Worcester, MA
Have you experienced seeing broken safety glasses sitting in the back of your Nissan NV Cargo Van because some parts fell out of their container and broke them? Or perhaps having to drive back to your main office because you forgot to bring your wrenches and pliers with you. Every minute not working equates to wasted time. You could have been more productive if you had just a good, ergonomic custom shelving in your Worcester van, that will help you organize your van efficiently.

Rolacase provides the solution!
We have a huge collection of cargo van accessories for our Worcester, MA customers who own Chevrolet City Express, Ram ProMaster, Mercedes Metris Cargo Van, Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo, and more. We have a free design consultation – our professional installers will assess your needs, including the capacity of your vehicle, to ensure that we will install the best commercial van accessories. Some of our collections include van bin packages, 3-tier refrigerant holders, adjustable shelving, and many more. These are guaranteed effective to achieve a fully-functional, work-ready van just for you.
Rolacase Delivers the Benefits of Van Shelving in Worcester, MA
Appropriately installed Commercial van interiors will keep your tools and equipment safe, quiet and locked in place while you are on the road. These also maximize your van’s carrying capacity, cutting down your
trips back and forth to your customer’s location. Our innovative product line of upfit packages are built to last for years!
Rolacase is known for its fastest lead times in the industry!
All of our products are in-stock and ready to ship. Receive your van shelves immediately with our 48-hour turnaround time. Contact us today for a free consultation.