About Us
Rola-Case Rola-Shelf is one of the largest manufacturers of garage, tool, vehicle and mobile storage equipment companies. With over 35 years’ experience in the vehicle/ trade industry, we pride ourselves on being the industry leaders and strive for innovation and excellence.
Rola-Case Rola-Shelf is a vital part of our industrial and workplace landscape. The brand is, and has been, proudly associated with many strategic projects in both large and small businesses nationwide and internationally, for many decades. Every time the message and promise is the same: if you see the Rola-Case or Rola-Shelf logo, you know 'the quality is 2nd to none".

We've learned that customer needs and expectations are as varied as our product range, but our aim is clear: Product superiority and customer relationship management

Where the Rola-Case story began in 1982

We've been working hard and investing in our people, technology and resources to make it easier for you to do business with us. From the technical support teams we have on hand, through to the world-class supply chain capabilities delivering our products to your door. Rola-Case & Rola-Shelf has stayed on top by changing with and anticipating the needs of the industries we serve.
More than 35 years ago Thomas Moloney created the famous orange case that started the Rola-Case success story. Rola-Case started as a pioneer, turned into a trend setter and a market leader in the in-vehicle and tool equipment industry. We now offer a huge range of cases, cabinets, frames and metal drawer systems.
Rola-Shelf has become an in-vehicle equipment partner of the automotive industry when it comes to order, safety and future-oriented concepts for cargo management systems in the loading area of your commercial vehicle.